Oak Cliff Gymnastics

Movement can be powerful in many forms. 

Gymnastics can help strengthen social and physical skills, boosting ones confidence and athletic abilities. From balance to flexibility, coordination and concentration, our gymnastics classes provide a foundation for our athletes to thrive. Our coach has been working with gymnasts for more than 40 years, training at all levels. 

“His dedication to his students is what sets him apart from all other gymnastics programs!”


Richard McLaughlin

A Tarleton State University Graduate-Physical Education/Biology Richard has been involved in gymnastics for 48 years. He began teaching, coaching and directing athletes at 14. 42 years later his passion in teaching is still going strong.  He has the privilege of training athletes of all levels, two year old beginners to 20 year old  internationally ranked athletes.

Oak Cliff Gymnastics is the only certified and highly ranked program in Oak Cliff. He builds strength, coordination, flexibility and confidence in all of his students. They grow quickly into athletes under his supervision and instruction as well as building life-long learners.

“I have seen such huge growth in my son as an athlete with Mr. Richard!”

Parents and kids alike absolutely love how hard working and caring Richard is for each and every one of his families. His favorite words are FOCUS and FUN, because you can’t learn without them!