Studio Policies


Please arrive to your scheduled class on time to ensure that your dancer, as well as others in class, gets the most from instruction and activity time as possible. Late arrivals are very distracting to the dancers and may cause your dancer to miss information. We understand that uncontrolled circumstances occur; however, if you are more than 5 minutes late to a class your dancer will not be allowed in the classroom out of respect for all dancers. 

Makeup Class Policy

We allow makeup classes for absences due to illness, travel, etc. These classes are allowed to be made up only during the month in which the absence occurred. Please notify the front desk or email us to let us know of absences and which class you are planning to use as your makeup class as soon as possible. 

Lobby Area

We love seeing all of the families at the studio as we pride ourselves in being a family oriented studio. We do ask that children are never left unattended. Snacks are allowed, but please make sure that all trash is thrown away and no crumbs are left behind. Our studio is a shared space for all of the dancers and families. 

No parents or siblings are allowed in the studios unless invited to watch at our end of month preview. This includes before or after a class. We have windows to view the classes in our large studio and a television to view classes in our small studio. 

Holidays / Bad Weather 

We will follow the Dallas ISD school calendar with all holidays and bad weather closures. If there is no school for Dallas ISD, there is no dance that day. We will also be sending email & text reminders. We include these closures in our Makeup Class Policy. 

Registration Fee 

A non-refundable registration fee is required for all students at the beginning of each new dance season and must accompany a registration form. A student’s spot in class WILL NOT be held without registration fee and first month’s tuition. The fee is $25 for each dancer.

Tuition & Payment Policy

Tuition is due the 1st of the month. Tuition paid after the 1st of the month is considered late and will be subject to a $5 late fee. Tuition is the same whether months have three weeks or five weeks. If a student enrolls after the season begins and after the first week of the month, tuition for that month will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks left in that month. Failure to keep your account current could result in suspension of enrollment until the balance is paid.

Withdrawal Policy 

Students who drop ANY class or lesson prior to the end of the season MUST GIVE WRITTEN NOTICE TO THE OFFICE prior to the first of the month. This will stop the tuition billing process for that particular class. Failure to give notice could result in additional charges to your account.

If you miss more than 3 consecutive classes without notifying the studio, you will be automatically dropped from classes and must pay a new enrollment fee to resume classes. If you attend any classes during a month, you are responsible for the tuition for the entire month. If there is a circumstance that will cause a student to miss three or more classes in a row, but the student intends to return, please let us know. We may have wait lists for classes and we will not hold your student’s spot for the class if we do not hear from you in regard to him/her returning. If there is a circumstance that would cause him/her to miss numerous classes AND you notify us (in writing via email plus verbally to the teacher) we will hold the student’s spot until the expected return date.

If a teacher changes a student’s class or level, he/she will notify the parent first. Please confirm this change with the office so that each roster for each class is correct. This is VERY important in regard to recital costumes and payments. If we are not aware of the change in the office, it is possible that a costume oversight could occur. Thank you for your help in this matter.